Posted by: Rachel Cates | June 25, 2009

10 Time Management Tips for Success


1.         PLAN – Start each day with a to-do list arranging your high-priority projects first.

2.         CONCENTRATE – Remove all distractions and focus on one project at a time.   Write down any ideas for later and get back to work.  Spending quality time on a project matters more than actual minutes spent so apply 100% of your attention to the subject at hand until finished.

3.         TAKE BREAKS –  Studies have proven that frequent breaks enhances health and overall performance.  Take 10-15 minutes every two hours to stretch, take a brief walk, mediatate, converse with others, or anything  relaxing to rejuvenate yourself for maximum success. 

4.         AVOID CLUTTER – Clutter can negatively effect concentration. Working in a clean and organized space can help you to focus better.  Take 5 minutes before you leave work every day to clean your space so that you can kick the next day off to a great start.

5.         AVOID PERFECTIONISM –  Strive for excellence; Not perfection. No one is perfect and trying to achieve perfection can prevent you from taking action.  Do your best and accept any setbacks as lessons and stepping stones towards success.  Remember – Failure is not measured by your mistakes, but by your inability to get started.   

6.         LEARN TO SAY “NO” – You can’t do it all.  Set your priorities and learn to say “no”  if asked to do something that will take time away from your high-priority projects. 

7.         DON’T PROCRASTINATE – The time to take action is NOW!  Learn to chunk your goals down into baby steps so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.  You don’t have to have all of the answers right now to get started.  Take the first step and the next step will be revealed. 

8.         DELETE TIME-WASTERS –  Stop wasting your time on low-priority activities that don’t contribute to your short or long-term goals.    

9.         DELEGATE – When appropriate delegate projects to others.  Focus on your strengths and have the professionals manage the responsibilities out of your area of expertise.   

10.       AVOID – “WORKAHOLIC SYNDROME” –  Create balance and harmony in your life by making time for your individual, social, and spiritual needs.

Always my best,

Rachel Cates, CLC



  1. Good summary. Thank you!

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