Posted by: Rachel Cates | October 9, 2010

How to Follow Your Life Path

Choosing the right path in life requires listening to that quiet voice within that is directing you towards higher ideas and states of being.

No one can tell you your life path.  You must learn to listen to that voice and honor what you know and feel to be true for you.  Everyone has a unique reality that they must live; their own truth in which they must recognize.   To live a happy life it is important to discern and invest time in actions that are aligned with your core values.

Core values are the beliefs that you develop overtime that represent how you feel about yourself and the world.  If freedom and passion are your core beliefs or values, then it would be difficult to find happiness in a career that is restrictive and boring.  Once you take time to identify your core values then you can devise a strategy to take actions that are aligned with your beliefs. 

Journaling is a powerful tool that can guide you in your process towards deeper self awareness and fulfillment.  Ask yourself questions on a daily basis and as you explore the answers through creative writing insights will be revealed that will help you to get closer to knowing and identifying what you really want out of life, which is the awareness that precedes discovering your life path.

Meditation is also a useful tool to help you transform into your authentic self.  Spend 10 minutes everyday in a quiet place imagining living your idea life.  Who are the people you would meet?  What kind of work would you be doing?  What thoughts do you hold?  How do you respond to your environment? 

Allow your emotions to guide you on your path towards greater self awareness.  If you notice any change in emotion throughout the day, that is an indication that something has activated your feelings which are either positive or negative.  Learn to honor your feelings by recognizing the source of your emotion and evaluate what the situation means for you.  That may mean doing more of the things that make you feel good and removing yourself from situations that make you feel bad. 

What did you enjoy doing as a child?  Did you have any hobbies or games that you enjoyed playing?  For some, it is beneficial to recall aspects of your childhood and remember what activities you enjoyed, particularly the function of the activity that excited you the most.  For example, If you liked to play hide-and-go seek, that may indicate that you love adventure or mystery.  If you liked to make things with Lego or Play-Doh, perhaps you love being creative.  Reconnect with your inner-child to discover hidden passions and interests.

Spend time practicing self affirmations such as “I am getting better every day”, “I love the work that I am doing”, and “I have the courage to follow my dreams!”.   Use these or any other positive statements to help you reinforce the new thoughts you are trying to habituate in your life.  

These exercises may seem silly or redundant at first, but they are necessary to expedite  the transformation that you will need in order to follow your life path.  It takes practice to undo years worth of unwanted behavioral conditioning, but with persistence you will learn conscious behaviors that will help you live your ideal life.

It takes courage to follow your heart, especially if that means going against the desires of family, friends, or a culture that expects you to live a certain way.  Many people go their whole lives being unhappy because they made choices to make others happy, only to realize much later in life that they never took the time to discover what REALLY makes them happy. 

It’s unwise to do things for the sake of impressing others because people are temperamental.  The things that you do to impress others today can cause jealousy and spite the next day.  So, the best thing is to discover what makes YOU happy and pursue those endeavors with passion and vigor.  Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you cannot do something.  Make a commitment to eradicate the words “can’t do” from your vocabulary.  Just because something didn’t work for one person, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.  That is why it so important to listen to yourself and get to know who you are. 

We are all here to live our lives and share our gifts with the world.  Others may serve as inspiration, but no path or person is the same.  The secret to following your path is to embrace your unique qualities and find a way to make them work for you.

 “To thine own self be true” — William Shakespeare


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